Pull Tab Info

Three of the most popular pull tab tickets are described below.  
Please don't hesitate to ask us about other tickets if you have any questions. 

    Win A Fortune is a progressive game , meaning that with each deal, or box, there is a chance to win the jackpot and if the jackpot is not hit, the next game's jackpot grows by $500. 
    • There are several instant winners with amounts shown on the ticket window
    • Tickets with window numbers ending in 13 have a chance at the $500 seal.  If your hold ticket is the sealed # you get $500 and a chance to try for the jackpot, by picking a number between 1 and 24.

    **This progressive has no limit as to how high it can grow.  A similar game previously grew to over $35,000!

    Win On Diamonds is a progressive game that advances by $100 with each new deal until won. There are some instant winners.  The hold numbers (ending in 13) get the chance to try for the Jackpot. If your hold number is the sealed number, you win $225 and get to try for the progressive Jackpot by picking the right number between 1 & 24. 

    Speedball is a faster game (fewer tickets per each deal) with a progressive jackpot (grows $50 each game until hit).
    • Several tickets have windows with numbers ending in 00, and two winners will be revealed when the game card is opened.
    • Both of the winners called will receive 50 tickets (manager's choice).
    • One of those winners has a chance to go for the Speedball jackpot by choosing a number between 1 & 12.  If the jackpot symbol is under the number the player chooses, they win the jackpot.
    • When the jackpot is hit, Speedball starts over at $50.